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how it works

The clean & Capture System is versatile in it's uses ... 

bullet Cold rooms and Freezers can be cleaned while in operation leaving floors free of ice, spillages etc and completely dry
bullet Stock can be cleaned around without water damage
bullet Food processing plants can be hygienically cleaned without the use of chemicals
bullet Renews old concrete, pavers, exposed aggregate, epoxy coatings and all hard surfaces back to near new
bullet Preparation of floor surfaces for epoxy coatings - leaves floors free of dust, debris, chemical residue, fats and oils etc, enabling coatings to adhere with a better quality finish and durability
bullet Removes chewing gum from hard surfaces
bullet Removes tyre rubber from workshop floors, car parks, airport runways and domestic driveways
bullet Restores pool surroundings and kills moss and mould

Environmentally Friendly

The waste water and sediment is collected during the cleaning process, sediment is separated through a cyclonic separators, waste then passes through a fine filter  before the waste water is pumped out onto gardens, lawns or into a waste collection area.

The Cleaning Equipment and how it Works
The 'Clean & Capture' equipment is manufactured by a Sydney based company - Aussie Red Equipment Pty Ltd who have patented the design in 6 countries.
The system aims at cleaning the surface with hot or cold water, using a High Pressure Rotary Jet cleaning tool. This tool delivers the water to the surface simultaneously vacuuming up water, dirt and sediment and delivering it to a legal disposal point through a series of filters. Unlike traditional pressure washing services, the system has no misting, over-spray or pooling of water. Work may be carried out whilst businesses are fully operational. Three tool sizes offers the customer, precise cleaning of large and small areas.

Environmental Issues:
The equipment has been given a mobile trade waste disposal permit by 'Sydney Water' to discharge to the sewer after the removal of sediment and contaminants from the wastewater. 'Sydney Water' licenses all operators in the Sydney Region.


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